Masterful Presentations

High-impact public speaking masterclass
by Filip Muyllaert

Masterful Presentations | Friday 17 January 2020 | Brussels

‘Masterful Presentations’ is an intensive one-day masterclass that will teach you how to create true impact when giving presentations and speaking in public.   It’s a full day experience that will completely change the way you deliver presentations in the future.  You do not have to deliver a presentation yourself, but there is more than enough room for questions & answers.

The key to your success lies in your ability to communicate.  All hard work – ideas, strategies, plans, objectives or efforts in general – comes to nothing if you cannot convince others to act on it.  This masterclass will give you compelling insights into how you can deliver a presentation clearly, insightfully, persuasively and with enthusiasm so that you can connect with your audience and propel people to action. 

Top-flight communication skills are essential for future success in all spheres of business. The ability to deliver a message in a compelling way is a key differentiator for individuals and the organizations they represent. Cracking the code to deliver ‘Masterful Presentations’ will help you to get ahead. And stay ahead.

Philippe Tilkin, Head of Marketing & Communication - BNP Paribas Leasing Solutions Belgium

I have highly appreciated your training session! A great mix between theory & examples. Congratulations!

Practical details

Date:  Friday 17 January 2020
Timing: 09h00 – 16h30
Language: English (standard knowledge of English will be sufficient to follow)
BluePoint Brussels (room: Edison)
Bd. A. Reyerslaan 80
1030 Brussels
Participation fee:  595 euro, excl. 21% VAT (lunch, coffee breaks & e-manual included)
Parking:  We will arrange for a complimentary parking place at the venue

Contact person for more info: Ann Soete

Key objectives

plan and prepare presentations based on your audience and subaudience(s)
categorize and structure information from the highest level to the finest data point
learn how to cope with detail
apply storytelling principles

use a dynamic presentation delivery style with confidence, power and clarity
enhance voice projection
use body language as an extra ‘second conversation’
learn to visualize ideas effectively in Powerpoint
master the essence of powerful presentation design

become a ‘visual communicator’
implement persuasive communication techniques
engage and increase credibility and enhance your personal impact
learn techniques to increase audience interaction

Guy de Smet - Directeur, VelopA N.V.

The training of last Friday was one of the most interesting and fascinating trainings that I have experienced since many years. I would like to congratulate you for this. You inspired me and kept my attention for a full day!

Content hightlights

Starting a presentation strongly and proving your relevance
Structuring information and defining key messages
Story-telling techniques and principles in a business context
Crafting powerful messages that increase audience connection
Techniques for turning the presentation into an impactful experience
Non-verbal communication and charisma
Key elements of a dynamic delivery style and use of the voice
Visual communication: how to make your audience ‘see’ something
Techniques for attracting and keeping attention
Persuasion techniques 
Crafting messages that resonate and stick in the mind of the audience
Fundamental principles of presentation design and idea visualisation
Ready-to-apply techniques for visualisation and visual design

Jasper Scheir, Client Service Director - Haystack International

Your presentation was enormously inspiring. It really gave me the insight that a presentation is all about change: change in the way you tell the story, change in the way you visualize things, ultimately leading to a changed audience. You definitely succeeded in changing me.