One-to-one presentation coaching

I offer presentation coachings to managers who would like to prepare for specific (important) presentations or to managers who are interested in personal coachings to improve the impact of their presentations.  Presentation coachings are very interactive and all sessions are tailored to the very specific needs and skills of the people who need coaching. 

From my experience, I know that the focus is often on the following topics:

 Communicating with the voice: vocal techniques & vocal variation (voice coaching)
 Presenting dynamically: with confidence, power and clarity
 Defining ‘the big idea’ of your presentation 
Learning how to use storytelling principles to persuade or inspire
 Attracting and keeping audience attention 
Talking visually (visual communication)
 Formulating messages in a short, powerful and effective way
 Delivering a message that people will remember (connecting with the audience)
 Motivating people into action by communicating powerful ideas (persuasion strategies)
 Focussing on content management: designing a clear structure 
Designing visually (e.g. in PowerPoint)
 Using the power of body language (the so-called ‘second conversation’)
 Making a true connection with the audience
 Learning how to build trust, engage your audience, project authority and command respect