keynote coaching

Prepare yourself for success

You are a thought leader. With big ideas you're passionate about. And you want to share them with the world.

Have you been invited to deliver a keynote presentation at a conference?  Then I can help you to take your impact to a next level.  As a presentation coach and global keynote speaker, I'm obsessed with coaching C-level managers and industry leaders to engage, inspire and transform people with highly impactful presentations. 

I can prepare you for success and my keynote coaching services include:

• Taking an existing presentation to the next level
• Helping to determine the blueprint of the keynote
• Defining or refining a story that will resonate with your audience
• Creating visual stories for keynotes
• Offering practice sessions to streamline and strengthen your performance 
• Guiding you through rehearsals and skills tune-ups, usually on-site at the event venue
• Coaching for professional stage presence and vocal projection
• Effectively rehearsing your keynote for optimum engagement, flow, and impact