Different is better than better

Different is better than better

In today’s world full of noise, you are either captivating or a commodity.  Your personal brand or your company brand are either fascinating and inspiring or forgotten.  To elevate your points of difference, dare to be truly different.  In these times of continuous and rapid change, it’s tough to be better, but it may be far easier to be different. 

A long time ago, information was scarce and attention was plentiful.  But now the opposite is true: information is plentiful and attention is scarce.  So for any brand – be it your personal brand or your company brand – the only defense to this reality is to hold people’s attention by being captivating, inspiring, fascinating and… different.  Most of us grew up believing that being better was the only road to fight the competition: offering better solutions or products, relying on a better team, having better skills, etc.  But let me ask you this:

What happens when the best version of anything is no longer good enough? What happens when that amazing product you are launching is suddenly blindsided by an ever better (or less expensive) product? In today’s business context, better is fragile. Very fragile. It can be destroyed in a nanosecond.

However, lots of companies try to be better: they are running in a hamster wheel, running faster and faster.  And they are running in the same direction as everyone else – just to keep up.  I believe that trying to be better may be a weak strategy today.  Being different is king.  All those who can differentiate themselves in the market create the luxury to step off the hamster wheel, never to return.  So here is your choice: spend a lot of time and money in pursuit of better.  Or go for the alternative route: find what makes you different and then do it on purpose.  If you cannot elevate your points of difference, you might become a commodity.  If that is the case: you are in trouble.  You will have to lower your prices, you will have to spend more on marketing and you will just struggle to get noticed in a world that quickly forgets me-too brands. 

There has never been a greater opportunity to stand out and win.  So dare to be captivating, inspiring, fascinating and different.  To do so, you don’t have to change who you are.  You just have to become more of who you are.  It will help you to earn the currency of attention.  “Different is better than better”.  I have painted these five words on the walls of my office.  What about you?

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