Create a dragonfly vision

Create a dragonfly vision

There are more than 5,000 known species of dragonflies and they all have one thing in common: an exceptional vision.  Just like human beings, dragonflies have two eyes. However, they are constructed in a very particular way.  Each eye is just like a gigantic bulging sphere and its surface can be covered with up to 30,000 lenses.  This eye design gives dragonflies a unique perspective... 

Millions of stimuli from multiple perspectives flow into their brain where all those information blocks are synthesized into vision.  Superb vision: dragonflies can see in almost every direction.  Simultaneously and with enormous precision.  In this way, dragonflies can catch flying insects at high speed.  Imagine humans having such a vision...

Unfortunately, we – and the companies we work for – are sometimes suffering from tunnel vision.  Take the success of a company like Airbnb as an example.  When this company penetrated the hospitality business, it was invisible on the radar of most international hotel chains.  But today, Airbnb has more hotel rooms in New York than all the international hotel brands together.  So the point is: tunnel vision can hurt you and make you blind for changes in the market and for new opportunities.  What can we do about this apart from being hyper alert and reading and anticipating the changes in the market?

Look across industry boundaries to see where people’s capabilities can be leveraged.  Capture knowledge from various industries and try to understand which industries can be combined.  Innovation is often in the overlap.  And on a personal level: do not always network and connect with people who are just like yourself.  If you talk with people who think the same or who face the same challenges, you may put your own thinking in a cage.  And you may block your own vision.  Do not obscure your thinking: create a dragonfly vision.


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