Welcome, I'm Filip

As a global speaker, I travel the world to inspire teams and leaders to chase new horizons, both on a personal and an organisational level

Inspiring teams and leaders to chase new horizons

My name is Filip Muyllaert and I'm a presentation coach and a sought-after global keynote speaker who has addressed audiences from around the world, in all five continents.  Some call me "a 21st century inspiration explorer" who is passionately curious for the non-obvious.  I can live with that definition ;)

My signature keynote "Chasing New Horizons", which can be customized, is a highly intriguing story about the algorithm of human amplification and about re-imagining the bounderies of yourself and your business.  At its heart, “Chasing New Horizons” is an inspiring keynote that will uncover the essential characteristics of ‘corporate expeditioners’ who combine courage and curiosity with a healthy dose of productive paranoia and passion to build sustainable success in a world of uncertainty and surprises.

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