Filip Muyllaert

Inspiration Engine. Global Speaker. Coach.

How to win tomorrow

Filip Muyllaert is a sought-after professional keynote speaker who has addressed audiences from around the world, in all five continents. He is a 21st century idea explorer who is passionately curious for the non-obvious.  As an inspiration curator, he reads magazines, blogs and over 100 books per year: from the future of artificial intelligence to endurance techniques of Japanese marathon monks. 

A big theme in his customized presentations is organisational and personal impact: how can leaders and organisations maximize their positive impact on people or society?  Filip scans multiple horizons for actionable insights and he truly brings infectious energy to every group he addresses.  He is a new breed of speaker who mixes many different perspectives into a transformative and impactful experience for his audience.

Apart from motivational speeches, his highly rated presentations cross between topics like leadership, artificial intelligence, communication, personal productivity or the future of work. 

- Mattias Dixner, Sweden

Filip is quite simply the most remarkable speaker I have ever met...